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  • Luffa cylindrica - natural oil from the Egyptian sponge. Regenerates and strengthens the skin. Eliminates the effects of deficiency of lipids, such as: roughness, dryness, hyperkeratosis of the epidermis, microtrauma. Provides smoothness, firmness and elasticity to the skin. Shower gel: Refreshing shower gel with moisturising properties. Effectively...

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  • Moisturizing cream with normalizing and matifying action.Long-lastingly hydrates the epidermis and prevents water loss.Protects the skin from harmful UV rays.Keeps matte skin and leaves no greasy feeling.Reduces skin roughness.Absorbs quickly.Has fresh, energizing fragrance. skin typeall skin types directions for useApply on skin and gently pat in. Use...

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  • Moisturising face cream with rich complex of vitamins. Helps to stimulate revitalisation processes of epidermis and restores skin elasticity. Visibly reduces skin discolorations. Effectively neutralises harmful effects of free radicals responsible for the formation of wrinkles. Hydrates, smoothes and firms the skin. Accelerates epidermis regeneration...

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  • Rich, nourishing cream for daily care.Replenishes the deficit of valuable nourishing substances. Enhances epidermis renewal processes. Protects the skin and prevents it from dehydration. Has excellent soothing properties. Helps skin stay soft and hydrated. Restores skin elasticity and smoothness.

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  • Effectively lubricates and regenerates the skin, especially very dry areas. Replenishes the deficit of lipids and revitalises skin’s protective barrier. Prevents TEWL (transepidermal water loss). Rich in regenerating oils and triglycerides. Protects the skin from irritations. Recommended for lips, hands, elbows, knees and heels. Perfect for children aged...

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  • Helps to strengthen and seal the capillary walls. Works to visibly increase the elasticity of capillary walls and reduces their propensity to break. Leaves skin feeling protected against the harmful environmental effects. Noticeably tightens the skin and helps to minimise fine lines. Skin becomes less prone to the formation of dilated capillaries. Skin is...

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  • Moisturising emulsion of rich consistency for everyday face care 30+. Perfect for mature skin lacking firmness and elasticity. Smoothes out wrinkles and reduces epidermis roughness. Binds water and delays skin aging process. Provides long-lasting moisturising of epidermis and deeper skin layers. Effectively soothes irritations. Restores skin protective...

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  • Anti-wrinkle day cream with collagen formula for all types of mature skin 60+. Contains active ingredients stimulating skin renewal processes and UVA / UVB filters preventing photoageing.• Smooths out deep and minor wrinkles.• Improves skin firmness, elasticity and flexibility (90%)*.• Reduces flabby skin and shapes the face oval (76%)*.• Provides...

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  • Firming emulsion with moisturizing and soothing properties for sensitive skin.Contains only the essential components of the formulation. 0% silicones / 0% mineral oils / 0% perfume Eliminates redness and burning sensation of the epidermis.Provides an immediate effect of soothing compress.Reduces roughness, dryness and excessive flaking.Increases the...

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  • Firming emulsion with moisturizing and soothing properties for sensitive, slender skin. Eliminate redness and burning sensation of the epidermis providing an immediate effect of soothing compress. Reduces roughness, dryness and excessive flaking. Regenerates, firms and smooths. Replenishes the deficiency of lipids. Strengthens and restores skin protective...

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  • Antioxidant face cream with vitamin C and SPF 50 UVA+UVB - very high protection.Prevents sunburn and premature skin ageing.Effectively reflects UVA and UVB rays.Doesn’t cause irritations.

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