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  • Luffa cylindrica - natural oil from the Egyptian sponge. Regenerates and strengthens the skin. Eliminates the effects of deficiency of lipids, such as: roughness, dryness, hyperkeratosis of the epidermis, microtrauma. Provides smoothness, firmness and elasticity to the skin. Shower gel: Refreshing shower gel with moisturising properties. Effectively...

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  • Refreshing body lotion with moisturising properties. Moisturises the skin and prevents epidermis from dehydration. Reduces roughness, dryness and excessive flaking of the skin. Relieves irritated skin. Has refreshing menthol scent.

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  • Energising shower gel and shampoo with soothing allantoin and strengthening vitamin complex. Effectively washes and cares for body and hair, provides feeling of freshness.

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  • Effectively suppresses perspiration.Neutralizes the smell of sweat.Provides long-lasting feeling of freshness.Has a nice fresh fragrance.Doesn?t leave marks on clothes. parabens freealcohol freecolorants free skin typeall skin types directions for useApply on clean, dry skin. active ingredientsaluminum salts

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  • Refreshing shower gel with moisturising properties.Effectively washes and moisturises the skin.Doesn?t cause irritations

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  • Moisturizing cream with normalizing and matifying action.Long-lastingly hydrates the epidermis and prevents water loss.Protects the skin from harmful UV rays.Keeps matte skin and leaves no greasy feeling.Reduces skin roughness.Absorbs quickly.Has fresh, energizing fragrance. skin typeall skin types directions for useApply on skin and gently pat in. Use...

    Kr 69.00
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items