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  • nanotechnology against wrinkles Specialised lifting serum, which intensely cares for mature skin 40 +. Systematically used ensures lifting treatment, which effectively detains the skin’s ageing process of the lip and eye area. high lifting activity the biopolymer consisting of sweet almond proteins• Makes the skin smooth and elastic.• Visibly improves the...

    Kr 70.00
  • Nanotechnology against wrinkles Specialised rich repair cream. Effectively cares for mature skin 40+ during night rest. • Re-builds internal skin structure. • Smooths out deep and mimic wrinkles. • Reduces surface wrinkles. • Provides optimal lifting effect. PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS * Wrinkle number reduced by 31% Wrinkle area reduced by 36% Wrinkle length...

    Kr 81.00
  • Actively brightens hand skin.Reduces wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Regenerates dry skin damaged by excessive sunbathing, also in solarium.Contains A & C vitamins and AHA complex (citric and malic acid).

    Kr 47.00
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items