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  • Water-free, thick, black sugar srub. Does not contain washing substances. Its appearance and aroma provide an extremely pleasant application. Exfoliates dead skin. Oils and softens. Leaves an emollient protective film on the skin.

    Kr 85.00
  • Fine-grained scrub gel. Based on biodegradable particles - from polylactic acid and cellulose. Contains moisturising glycerine. Does not contain surfactants. Easily rinsed-off. Effectively cleanses the skin of the body. Supports exfoliation of dead skin cells. Provides a pleasant skin massage. 

    Kr 62.00
  • Black cleansing mask with high (1%) carbon content. Thick, gel consistency facilitates application. After application, it partially ”freezes ”on the skin. Removes impurities and regulates excess sebum. Soothes and moisturises the skin. Cleanses the pores. Cares for acne skin. 

    Kr 41.00
  • Body soap in the form of a black gel. Creates delicate foam. Contains moisturising glycerine. The colour and fragrance guarantee a pleasant sensory application. Gently cleanses. Helps to remove impurities and excess sebum. Does not dry the skin. Leaves a pleasant long-lasting fragrance on the body.

    Kr 40.00
  • Semi-transparent, cleansing and moisturising shampoo for everyday use. Creates rich foam and effectively cleanses the scalp and hair. Does not contain silicones and sulfates. Contains hair smoothing inulin. Recommended for oily hair. 

    Kr 41.00
  • Moisturising water perfumed with notes of exotic fruits. Easy to apply. Suitable for use on hair. Perfect to use during everyday activities. Refreshes quickly. Gently cools. Moisturises the epidermis and energises the skin.

    Kr 49.00
  • The first toner in the Ziaja offer with sodium lactate - a highly moisturising substance. Has natural pH. Shows slightly degreasing properties but does not dry the epidermis. Refreshes the skin. Restores its natural pH. Soothes irritations. Moisturises the epidermis. Helps to get rid of imperfections.

    Kr 39.00
  • Fragrance-free micellar water based on mild cleansing substances. Suitable for removing face, eyes, lips make-up and cleansing the skin. Has natural pH. Enriched with moisturising and soothing substances. Gently removes make-up without the effect of ”rubbing the skin”. Active micelles gently cleanse the skin of impurities and excess sebum. Does not affect...

    Kr 51.00
  • Thick white paste. Contains biodegradable exfoliating substances. Based on delicate washing ingredients. Has natural pH. May be used daily. Effectively cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin. Revitalises the skin, provides softness, smoothness and refreshment. Reduces skin imperfections. Soothes irritation and skin redness.

    Kr 44.00
  • Delicate face cream mousse with UV filters, low protection SPF10. Spreads well and absorbs quickly. Does not clog the skin pores. Suitable as a make-up base. Effectively moisturises. Leaves a protective layer on the skin. Soothes irritations and skin redness. Firms the skin.

    Kr 49.00
  • A delicate natural tone fluid for young skin imperfections. Has covering properties. Does not give the "mask" effect. Spreads well and absorbs quickly. Does not clog the pores of the skin. Evens out skin tone. Hides young skin imperfections. Soothes skin irritation and redness. Moisturises and soothes.

    Kr 51.00
  • Waterless, thick, white sugar scrub with little black dots-like particles. Does not contain cleansing substances. The texture and fragrance engage all the senses during extremely pleasant application. Exfoliates dead skin. Provides smooth and soft to the touch skin. Leaves an emollient protective film on the skin.

    Kr 69.00
Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items