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  • Replenishes the deficit of lipids and revitalizes skin’s natural protective barrier.Visibly enhances the elasticity and softness of the epidermis.Provides a long-lasting hydration.Absorbs perfectly and leaves the skin gentle and soft.Has an amazing chocolate scent. skin typeall skin types directions for useMassage a thick layer of body butter into clean...

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  • Improves skin elasticity, smoothness and softness.Increases the moisture level of the skin.Strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin and smooths effectively.Gently lubricates the skin and normalizes the lipo-regeneration process in the skin.Leaves a beautiful chocolate smell and comforts the skin.Regularly applied improves the color of the...

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  • Light formula cream with Cocoa Butter and vitamin E. Nourishes and visibly regenerates the epidermis. Improves the skin tone and provides efficient protection against the harmful sunrays. Restores the accurate moisture level.cocoa butter vitamin E

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  • Contains the cocoa butter, D-panthenol and delicate galenic cleaning agents. Delicately lubricates and visibly softens the skin. Intensely moisturises and prevents excessive water loss. Ph balanced, does not disturb the protective epidermis layer.

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  • Supplies the skin with valuable nourishing substances. The skin receives excellent revitalising, smoothing and protective benefits. Moisturises and prevents excessive moisture loss. Reduces the skin propensity to irritation. Regularly applied improves the appearance and color of the skin. Prolongs the skin’s natural tan.

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  • Smoothing conditioner for dry nad damaged hair. Contains cocoa butter, urea and provitamin B5 - very effective substances in skin and hair care, also during washing.Does not contain parabens.Does not weigh hair down.cocoa hair care• smoothes out the entire hair, from bulb to end• makes your hair look well-managed and healthy • prevents tangling and...

    Kr 28.00
  • Smoothing creamy mask for dry and damaged hair. Contains cocoa butter and provitamin B5 - very effective substances in skin and hair care, also during washing.Does not contain parabens.cocoa hair care• perfectly smoothes out disturbed hair structure • deeply regenerates without weighing hair down• prevents hair breakage and split ends• makes your hair...

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  • Efficiently moisturizes the skin and regenerates the lipid-structure of the epidermis.Visibly softens and smooths out the hand skin.Protects the skin from harmful effects of wind and low temperature.Helps to strengthen the nails, working to prevent their splitting and breaking.Has an amazing chocolate scent. skin typedry skin, normal skinRecommended also...

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  • Contains cocoa butter, canola oil, lanolin, vitamin E. Perfectly moisturises, prevents dryness and chapped lips. Gives your lips a delicate gloss and gently lubricates. PRESERVATIVES FREE

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  • Smoothing shampoo for frequent washing of dry and damaged hair.Contains cocoa butter, urea and provitamin B5 - very effective substances in skin and hair care, also during washing.Does not contain silicones and parabens.cocoa hair care• gently cleanses hair and scalp • effectively moisturises and prevents from dehydration• provides glow to matte and...

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  • Delicately cleanses and massages the skin. Gently peels off dead epidermal cells.Enhances blood circulation and oxygenates skin cells.Restores natural smoothness and softness to the skin.

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  • Accelerates tanning process. Improves skin tone, lubricates and prevents moisture loss.

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