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  • The rich cream 50 ml This richly textured cream for dry and very dry skin convinces through its ingredient Bakuchiol. This special plant-based raw material is very similar to Retinol which also stimulates the collagen synthesis the main factor in anti-aging. Proven by scientific studies Bakuchiol can smooth already existing wrinkles and delays the...

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  • Glorious Collagen Elixir 30 ml The silky, delicate elixir counteracts premature skin aging. A combination of active peptides and proteins intensively stimulates collagen production and can bundle and structure the collagen fibers. The skin appears smooth and can gain strength. After application, the skin benefits from an improved radiance and more...

    Kr 700.00
  • HYALURON SUPER MOISTURE SERUM 30ML This serum contains a combination of pure high- and low-molecular hyaluronic acid in an exceptionally high concentration and can have a moisture-binding and slightly tightening effect in different layers of the skin. The facial skin has a youthful toned effect without having to inject an active ingredient under the skin....

    Kr 780.00
  • FOREVER YOUNG ELIXIR 30 ml The multifunctional beauty elixir convinces with a luxury formula, highly concentrated anti-aging components that counteract visible signs of skin aging. Thanks to a peptide complex, the beauty elixir can improve the resilience and elasticity of the skin and reduce signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles. The silky texture...

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  • The fast-acting Silver Cream is a special product for the treatment of blemished, problematic skin. The high proportion of MicroSilver BG and zinc effectively relieves redness, regulates the production of sebum and normalizes the complexion. The skin is improved throughout and the complexion appears cleared and mattified. Use: Apply the cream in the...

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  • Body mist that releases explosion of freshness and hydration. It cares for the skin quickly and effectively. Enriched with caffeine and pineapple extract, it provides express revitalization. Energizes and refreshes. Provides fresh, relaxing hydration. Leaves pleasant scent on the skin. Active ingredients: Pineapple extract,  glycosaminoglycans,  caffeine,...

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  • ZIAJA acai berry ANTIOXIDANT FACE & NECK CREAMis moisturizing emulsion composed of a complexof natural active substances.The most important is acai berry - rich source of polyphenols,anthocyanins, resveratrol, vitamins, tannins,which neutralize free radicals and protect skin from oxidative damage.Anti-oxidative processes ensure prevention of skin...

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  • Regenerating face cream with natural avocado oil.Intensely nourishes and relieves dry, dull skin. Reduces the feeling of roughness. Effectively moisturises the epidermis. Makes the skin look healthy, relaxed and natural. PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS*Increases the skin hydration by 49%.

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  • ?reduces and smoothes wrinkles?improves skin tension?makes the epidermis more elastic?actively moisturises and tones?contains ocean algae with proven protection against: free radicals, oxidative stress, blue light (HEV Light) 95% ingredients of natural originHOW TO USE Gently massage the cream into the skin. Avoid the eye area. Suitable for make-up....

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  • Light formula cream with Cocoa Butter and vitamin E. Nourishes and visibly regenerates the epidermis. Improves the skin tone and provides efficient protection against the harmful sunrays. Restores the accurate moisture level.cocoa butter vitamin E

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  • Supplies the skin with valuable nourishing substances. The skin receives excellent revitalising, smoothing and protective benefits. Moisturises and prevents excessive moisture loss. Reduces the skin propensity to irritation. Regularly applied improves the appearance and color of the skin. Prolongs the skin?s natural tan.

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  • Provides intense hydration and soothes skin irritations.Works to stabilize the function of sebaceous glands. Provides smoothing and nourishing effect. Optically lightens the complexion and improves its tone. The skin restores its healthy lookcucumber pulp extract provitamin B5 (D-panthenol) vitamin A vitamin E

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