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  • Soothing face cream with moisturising properties. Recommended for atopic skin prone to irritation, severe itching and superinfection. Restores natural hydrolipidic barrier of the epidermis. Softens and moisturises the skin. Reduces skin dryness and excessive itching. Balances the bacterial flora. Soothes irritation and prevents its recurrence....

    Kr 81.00
  • Lubricating bath & shower oil with moisturising and soothing properties. Recommended for atopic skin prone to irritation, severe itching and superinfection. Lubricates and gently cleanses the skin. Prevents epidermis dryness, itching and irritation. Reduces skin roughness and excessive flaking. Parabens, SLES, mineral oils, soap and colorants free.

    Kr 85.00
  • Delicate gel recommended to relieve skin irritation after mosquitoes bites. Soothes irritations and reduces redness. Gives a relief from itching. Has calming properties. Accelerates skin regeneration. Alcohol, colourants and fragrances free. 

    Kr 47.00
  • Delicate, light body milk with soothing calcium complex.Moisturizes and gently lubricates the skin.Protects the skin against water loss.Soothes irritations and effects of excessive sun exposure. colorants freealcohol free age recommendationfor babies and children aged 1 month and older directions for useGently massage into clean and dried skin.Leave until...

    Kr 57.00
  • Moisturizes, gently lubricates and protects the skin against water loss.Strengthens protective properties of the epidermis.Soothes irritated skin.Spreads easily and absorbs quickly. colorants freealcohol free age recommendationfor new-borns and older directions for useApply on skin and gently pat in. active ingredientsprovitamin B5 (D-panthenol), vitamin...

    Kr 32.00
  • Ziaja Baby & Kids Cream SPF 6 is recommended for children aged 3 months and older.  Cream protects the skin against UVA and UVB sun rays, soothes irritated skin and doesn't impair the synthesis of vitamin D3. Cream moisturises and gently nourishes little ones' delicate skin.

    Kr 32.00
  • Baby & kids creamy hypoallergenic soap for 3 months and older. Gently cleanses, moisturises and cares for the skin. Prevents irritations and itching.

    Kr 41.00
  • Helps prevent chafing.Forms a protective layer against wetness.Soothes red, irritated skin.• COLOURANTS & ALCOHOL FREE• DERMATOLOGICALLY AND ALLERGY TESTED

    Kr 36.00
  • Changes the color of water making the bath more enjoyable.Gently cleanses the skin.Perfectly moisturizes and cares for the skin.Does not disturb skin’s natural protective layer.Does not cause irritations. soap free age recommendationfor children aged 1 year and older directions for usePour 2-3 cups into bath water and swirl to mix. active...

    Kr 53.00
  • Ziajka gel toothpaste for children from 1 tooth. We also recommend for children from areas with a high amount of fluoride in the water. Very gently cleans teeth and gives the effect of long-lasting freshness.

    Kr 23.00
  • Delicate two in one shampoo and shower gel formula with D-panthenol and gentle conditioning agents.Based on mild cleansing ingredients of plant origin.Gently cleanses the skin and cares for children’s hair.Creates rich creamy foam.Prevents tangling.Does not dry the skin.The sweet scent of cookies and vanilla ice cream makes the hair washing experience...

    Kr 41.00
  • Gentle shampoo with delicate cleansing ingredients of plant origin.Contains D-panthenol and delicate conditioning agents.Gently cleanses and cares for children’s hair.Creates rich creamy foam.Prevents tangling.The scent of bubble gum makes the hair washing experience more enjoyable. Tested by children over 3 years old under the supervision of...

    Kr 40.00
Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items