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  • It moisturises, softens and visibly smoothes the epidermis. It contains UV filters that protect the skin from photo-aging. Perfect for cold winter days.

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  • Regenerating hand cream with natural avocado oil and glycerin for dry, cracked skin. Softens the epidermis. Restores natural regeneration process. Protects from dehydration.PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS*Increases the skin hydration by 31%.

    Kr 35.00
  • Efficiently moisturizes the skin and regenerates the lipid-structure of the epidermis.Visibly softens and smooths out the hand skin.Protects the skin from harmful effects of wind and low temperature.Helps to strengthen the nails, working to prevent their splitting and breaking.Has an amazing chocolate scent. skin typedry skin, normal skinRecommended also...

    Kr 35.00
  • Contains coconut lipids rich in omega 3 & omega 6 and canola oil.Protects the skin exposed to frequent contact with detergents and harsh weather conditions. Regenerates, softens and smoothes out the skin. Strengthens the nails preventing their splitting and breaking.

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  • Nourishes and visibly softens the skin. Prevents dry, cracked skin on the heels.Recommended also for diabetics.

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  • Prevents cracked skin and calluses.Perfectly softens and smooths the skin.Nourishes and increases skin elasticity. Recommended also for diabetics. skin typedry skin, normal skin directions for useApply 1 to 2 times per day to clean and dry feet.Can be also used as an intensely nourishing hand cream for very dry hands. active ingredientsolive oil,...

    Kr 43.00
  • Provides intense hydration and makes the skin more supple.Works to revitalize the epidermis and softens rough skin.Helps to strengthen the nails, working to prevent their splitting and breaking.Contains complex of goat’s milk ingredients rich in:proteins, organic acids, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins A and D.Absorbs fast and does not leave a greasy...

    Kr 38.00
  • day cream 50 ml night cream 50 ml hand cream 80 ml Goat’s milk proteins - a set of indispensable nutritious macrocomponents. Contains milk proteins, vegetable lipids and carbohydrates as well as vitamins A and D and calcium. Stimulates synthesis of structural elements of skin, improves its structure and smooths out wrinkles. Increases skin elasticity,...

    Kr 99.00
  • Protective hand cream with natural argan oil and glycerin for dry, irritated skin.Strengthens hydro-lipid skin barrier. Soothes epidermis redness. Relieves overdry skin leaving it soft and smooth. PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS*Increases the skin hydration by 39%.

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  • Protective-strengtheningMoisturises hands, even after frequent washing. Soothes dry, chapped skin. Restores skin elasticity and smoothness. Strengthens the nails. Absorbs quickly.

    Kr 30.00
  • Nourishing-regenerating Protects the skin, especially dry, rough and sensitive. Restores natural lipid layer. Prevents epidermis dryness. Strengthens the nails. Absorbs quickly.

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  • smoothing-moisturisingVisibly moisturises the skin. Softens and smooths the epidermis. Soothes irritated, dry skin. Strengthens the nails. Absorbs quickly.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items