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  • Creamy soap is a product rich in glycerine and coconut glucosides. These are the ingredients that have soothing and moisturising properties. The soap gently cleanses the skin and does not dry the epidermis. The fragrance of the soap neutralises unpleasant smells and leaves a pleasant, long-lasting aroma. It creates rich foam, making body care pleasant,...

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  • The tropical coconut body balm is a moisturising emulsion that contains provitamin B5 that has multifunctional properties such as: soothing, moisturising or regenerating. It absorbs quickly and smooths the epidermis. The aroma left on skin provides the feeling of uniqueness.

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  • Body and face cleansing oil with olive leaf extract for dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin. Works as an emollient, moisturizes and lubricates the skin during washing. Waterless, gentle foaming. Olive leaf extract refreshes and strengthens the skin, prevents transepidermal water loss. Olive oil essence gently cleanses and lubricates the skin. Protects from...

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  • It moisturises, softens and visibly smoothes the epidermis. It contains UV filters that protect the skin from photo-aging. Perfect for cold winter days.

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  • Improves microcirculation. Reduces symptoms of cellulite. Firms and makes the epidermis more resilient and smooth. Ensures comfortable performance of a massage treatment.Fragranced with energising orange blend. Economic in use. Leaves no stains. gingko tree extract vitamin E vitamin F

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  • Delicate gel recommended to relieve skin irritation after mosquitoes bites. Soothes irritations and reduces redness. Gives a relief from itching. Has calming properties. Accelerates skin regeneration. Alcohol, colourants and fragrances free. 

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  • Gently cleanses and intensely moisturizes the skin.Contains substances with nourishing activity.Delicate for the skin, does not cause irritations.Leaves a beautiful scent on the skin. Skin typedry skin, very dry skin, normal skin Directions for useApply on the skin, massage and rinse off. Active ingredientsnatural argan oil

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  • Gently lubricates, smooths and softens overdry, irritated skin. Restores the hydro-lipid balance of the epidermis. Intensely regenerates. Visibly decreases skin hypersensitivity. Provides healthy skin look. It can be used by children aged 3 and onwards. Contains no parabens and no colourants. PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS*Increases the skin hydration by 33% and...

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  • Regenerating hand cream with natural avocado oil and glycerin for dry, cracked skin. Softens the epidermis. Restores natural regeneration process. Protects from dehydration.PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS*Increases the skin hydration by 31%.

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  • Cashmere proteins - perfectly smooth the skin leaving it soft and delicate. Form a special protective layer maintaining the natural hydro-lipid balance. Creamy shower soap with cashmere proteins: Softening creamy shower soap with cashmere proteins. Gently cleanses the skin leaving it soft and delicate. Does not dry the epidermis even during frequent...

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  • body lotion 400 mlhand cream 80 mlcreamy shower soap 500 ml Cocoa butter - a plant fat, which is obtained from the seeds of mature cocoa tree fruits (Theobroma cacao).

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  • Helps the skin to stay hydrated and to prevent excessive moisture lost. Has excellent soothing action. Provides the skin with revitalising and firming benefits. Gently lubricates and eliminates the feeling of roughness. Regularly applied improves the color of the skin.

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