• Suitable for all hair types with permanent and chronic dandruff. Contains piroctone olamine and zinc - ingredients with proven anti-dandruff activity, mint and willow bark extracts. Its innovative cleansing base facilitates the removal of dandruff and normalises the process of keratinisation of the epidermis. Effectively reduces the causes and symptoms of...

    Kr 52.00
  • Gently cleanses and prevents the skin from drying out, provides proper hygiene.Easily removes grease, neutralises unpleasant smells, including kitchen smells. Gives the skin fresh, energising aroma.

    Kr 31.00
  • Supplies the skin with valuable nourishing substances. The skin receives excellent revitalising, smoothing and protective benefits. Moisturises and prevents excessive moisture loss. Reduces the skin propensity to irritation. Regularly applied improves the appearance and color of the skin. Prolongs the skin’s natural tan.

    Kr 46.00
  • Peels off dead epidermal cells and facilitates the penetration of active ingredients. Prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatments. Smooths and softens the skin. Slightly brightens the skin.

    Kr 43.00
  • Especially suitable for dry, rough or dull hair. This conditioning spray hydrates and smoothes the hair from the root to the tips. It does not need clarification. Protects hair and prevents moisture loss, restoring its natural shine. Softens and provides a velvety finish. It facilitates the combing and the results are visible from the first application....

    Kr 49.00
  • Moisturising water perfumed with notes of exotic fruits. Easy to apply. Suitable for use on hair. Perfect to use during everyday activities. Refreshes quickly. Gently cools. Moisturises the epidermis and energises the skin.

    Kr 39.00
  • Antiperspirant with antibacterial protection. It effectively reduces sweat, preventing bad odors. It does not leave marks on the clothes. Suitable for vegans

    Kr 50.00
  • GdanSkin hydrogel mask brings relief to irritated skin effectively relieves redness reduces skin burning caused by the sun the hydrogel form provides quick relief

    Kr 51.00

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