• Ziaja relaxing massage oil. Perfectly softens and regenerates the epidermis. Helps to retain the elasticity of a young skin. Firms and supports the reduction of cellulite. Provides a pleasant feeling of soothing relaxation. Ensures comfortable performance of a massage treatment.

    Kr 89.00
  • Refreshing body and hair mist, perfumed with a fragrance inspired by rhythm, dance and acrobatics. Provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Works well on hot days and after exercises or gym training.

    Kr 49.00
  • 2-in-1 care and foundation with BB cream effect Contains hyaluronic acid, active ingredients containing vitamin E, natural pigments High-quality formulation for more moisture and a natural glow The high color tolerance adapts perfectly to the individual skin tone Clean beauty and a velvety and luxurious skin feeling Sustainable thanks to the easily...

    Kr 450.00
  • White paste of thick consictency. Contains biodegradable exfoliating substances. Based on delicate washing ingredients. Has natural pH. Gently but effectively washes. Removes impurities and degreases the skin. Unblocks the skin of excess sebum and supports the reduction of acne lesions. 

    Kr 39.00
  • Caramelized peeling with the iconic scent of marshmallows. It smoothes the skin with natural sugar crystals. Aromatic care leaves your skin soft and deliciously fragrant.

    Kr 84.00
  • Effectively replaces the fluid, moisturises, regenerates, gently mattifies.Covers redness, soothes irritations. Easy to apply, has a light texture and instantly blends into the skin.

    Kr 52.00
  • Cleansing wash gel for proper skin hygiene. Developed to provide optimum skin cleansing effects on every level. Microbiologically and dermatologically tested. For effective skin washing and cleansing. Provides proper body and hand hygiene. Does not cause dryness. Neutralises unpleasant odours.

    Kr 50.00
  • Rich, moisturising bio-emulsion based on phospholipids, recommended for allergic, atopic, dehydrated skin with disturbed barrier function. Creates derma membrane structure imitating the structure of the epidermis. Does not disturb continuity of the lipid layer of the epidermis. Replenishes deficiency of physiological skin components. Intensely moisturises...

    Kr 89.00

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