• Shampoo is gentle, sulfate-free and velegent to tender, allergic and atopic skin. It contains namely only few ingredients in addition to water.Shampoo foamed mechanically into the foamer, instead of adding thickening and foaming.

    Kr 59.00
  • Gently moistuirising and refreshing mist of fresh flowers, herbs and citrus fragrance. Revitalises body and mind while leaving the feeling of freshness. Perfect for hot summer days.

    Kr 40.00
  • Mask for hair with cashmere protein and amaranth oil for thin, delicate, dry or normal hair. Protects hair from tearing, tame rebellious hair, reduces electrification. Smooths the hair and strengthens the hair structure  The hair becomes vibrant and protects and is protected from tears  Gives natural glow Recovers softness and smoothness  Facilitates...

    Kr 40.00
  • ACAI BERRY SATIN BODY MOUSSE is very light, but nutritional product with satin application. It is composed of a complex of natural active substances, the most important is acai berry - a powerful antioxidant.

    Kr 69.00
  • body lotion 400 mlhand cream 80 mlshower gel 500 ml

    Kr 99.00
  • Conditioner GdanSkin perceptibly moisturizes dried hair fibers. protects them from the sun and salt sea water facilitates combing, reduces brittleness and smoothes and restores matte hair shine             

    Kr 28.00
  • GdanSkin Body Balsam intensively and long-lasting moisturizes the epidermis provides the skin with exceptional softness and smoothness illuminating minerals emphasize the effect of a sunny tan

    Kr 65.00
  • For every skin type after sun exposure or solarium. Prolongs the tan and leaves the skin silky soft. Nourishes and moisturises the skin perfectly. Soothes irritation.

    Kr 65.00

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