• Exclusive emulsion of rich consistency for everyday face care. Recommended for mature skin 50+. restores natural skin structure micro-collagen / genistein / hydroxyproline Visibly strengthens the density of connective tissue. Perfectly firms the skin and prevents loss of elasticity.

    Kr 71.00
  • Actively regenerates skin's natural protective barrier. Moisturizes deeply and for a long-term,  also protects from moisture loss. Refills skin lipids, strengthens cohesiveness  and firmness of the epidermis. Softens, reduces roughness and excessive peeling. Works like compress for all symptoms for dry skin.  

    Kr 76.00
  • Gently but effectively cleanses the skin. Moisturises and prevents dehydration. Prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatments.

    Kr 39.00
  • Oil-free foam wash. Has a delicate fragrance. Suitable for people wearing contact lenses. Gentle even for sensitive eyes. Contains 98% ingredients of natural origin. Enriched with inulin, sodium lactate, lactic acid, PCA salt, provitamin B5, eyebright extract.

    Kr 53.10 Kr 59.00
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  • Removes waterproof, even intense make-up. Strenghtens the eyelashes. Moisturises gentle skin around the eyes. Recommended also for contact lens wearers.

    Kr 39.00
  • Water - resistant sun oil in spray SPF 6 for dark or already tanned skin. Protects the skin against the harmful UV rays. Prevents sun burning and skin ageing due to sun exposure. Protects against dehydration and does not cause skin irritations.

    Kr 52.00
  • Creamy shower & bath gel with a sweet aroma of exotic fruits. Creates rich foam. Contains moisturising glycerine. Appearance and aroma guarantee a sensory application. Gently washes. Does not dry the skin. Leaves a pleasant scent on the skin.

    Kr 41.00
  • Actively brightens hand skin.Reduces wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Regenerates dry skin damaged by excessive sunbathing, also in solarium.Contains A & C vitamins and AHA complex (citric and malic acid).

    Kr 47.00

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