• Specialised shampoo with white lupine proteins, highly effective in the treatment of hair loss. They inhibit 5-alpha-reductase and stimulate the metabolism of cells responsible for hair growth. Suitable for people aged 14 and older. Recommended for hair damaged by hair dressing treatments, excessively oily hair, for women after childbirth or in the...

    Kr 89.00
  • This 24h cream has low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids as the main active ingredients in order to be able to act effectively in different skin layers. This cream contains various lipid active ingredients, such as shea butter, avocado oil and squalane to provide the skin with optimal moisture. The concentrated hyaluronic acids can cushion, fill...

    Kr 600.00
  • Preparation for daily hygiene of intimate areas. It combines soft foam with moisturizing extract of the lotus flower, normalizing pH lactic acid and innovative in intimate hygiene, antibacterial usnic acid.

    Kr 55.00
  • Promotes skin?s firmness.Helps to maintain optimal moisture level. Softens and smoothes the skin. Ensures an immediate soothing action. Protects against climatic aggressions.olive oil shea butter

    Kr 49.00
  • Actively brightens hand skin.Reduces wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Regenerates dry skin damaged by excessive sunbathing, also in solarium.Contains A & C vitamins and AHA complex (citric and malic acid).

    Kr 47.00
  • Indications:Ziaja Pumpkin with ginger Protective hand cream Terrible Sweetness is a care cosmetic designed for the skin of the hands of women and men. Suitable for use from the age of 6. Properties:Ziaja Pumpkin with ginger Protective hand cream Terrible Sweetness is a hand cream with an exceptionally sweet scent of caramelized pumpkin and ginger....

    Kr 39.00
  • HYALURON SUPER MOISTURE SERUM 30ML This serum contains a combination of pure high- and low-molecular hyaluronic acid in an exceptionally high concentration and can have a moisture-binding and slightly tightening effect in different layers of the skin. The facial skin has a youthful toned effect without having to inject an active ingredient under the skin....

    Kr 780.00
  • Antioxidant regenerating night cream with active and stable vitamin C recommended for skin 25 + as wrinkle prevention and 40+ as wrinkle reduction. Perfect for thin, flabby skin with visible wrinkles and pigmentation spots, devoid of healthy look and youthful glow. Activates night skin regeneration. Reduces the symptoms of skin ageing, strengthens and...

    Kr 82.00

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