• Shampoo with cashmere protein and amaranth oil for thin, delicate, dry or normal hair. Active moisture and gives volume. Gently cleanses hair and scalp Reinforces and moisturizes hair Adds volume Revitalizes softness and smoothness of hair Gives hair a pleasant long lasting scent Use: Apply on wet hair and massage until foam is obtained. Rinse...

    Kr 42.00
  • Antioxidant moisturising emulsion with active and stable vitamin C recommended for skin 25+ as wrinkle prevention and 40+ as wrinkle reduction. Perfect for thin, flabby skin with visible wrinkles and pigmentation spots, devoid of healthy look and youthful glow. Prevents skin ageing, reduces fine wrinkles and smooths out deep wrinkles. Restores collagen -...

    Kr 79.00
  • Cleansing wash gel for proper skin hygiene. Developed to provide optimum skin cleansing effects on every level. Microbiologically and dermatologically tested. For effective skin washing and cleansing. Provides proper body and hand hygiene. Does not cause dryness. Neutralises unpleasant odours.

    Kr 35.00
  • Effectively replaces the fluid, moisturises, regenerates, gently mattifies.Covers redness, soothes irritations. Easy to apply, has a light texture and instantly blends into the skin.

    Kr 52.00
  • GdanSkin body soap cleans and cares for the skin during washing moisturizes and provides a feeling of smoothness supports exfoliation of the epidermis It leaves the skin neat and fragrant             

    Kr 39.00
  • Description:Effectively moisturises and tones the epidermis.May also be used as a mist throughout the day.Provides the feeling of freshness.Leaves a pleasant smell on skin.Directions:Apply a small amount of toner with a cotton pad and gentlywipe the skin.Use morning and evening.Key ingredients:acai berry, calcium gluconate, hyaluronic acid,...

    Kr 49.00
  • Problem:Skin in need of intensive renewal - thin, low cohesion, flabby, with visible wrinkles and discoloration,devoid of healthy color and youthful glow. Indications:Prevention of premature skin aging - 30+ skin care, after dermatological and aesthetic treatment , for people with reduced skin condition, gray and tired. Effect med:- effectively smoothes...

    Kr 60.00
  • Specialised shampoo with piroctone olamine and zinc - ingredients with proven anti – dandruff activity. Recommended for excessively oily hair and chronic dandruff. Based on a modern cleansing formula facilitating dandruff removal. Prevents epidermis keratinisation. Regulates sebaceous glands activity. Reduces causes and symptoms of dandruff and prevents...

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