• The GdanSkin night cream is based on a three-layer hydration process: 1. long-lasting moisturizing of the layers of the epidermis 2. sealing the hydrolipid barrier 3. the addition of NMF components Such a comprehensive organization of humidification mechanisms ensures the achievement of water balance, as a result the skin is: • deeply hydrated, soft and...

    Kr 59.00
  • Water-resistant sun lotion SPF 20 for every skin type in the first days of sun exposure, especially for fair and sensitive skin. Provides effective protection against the harmful effects of UV radiation. Prevents sunburn and premature skin ageing. Intensely moisturises the skin. Doesn’t cause irritation.HOW TO USEApply a great amount of the lotion...

    Kr 65.00
  • Thoroughly removes make-up and cleanses the skin.Tones, refreshes and intensely moisturizes the epidermis.Nourishes and effectively soothes irritations.Contains complex of goat’s milk ingredients rich in:proteins, organic acids, lipids, carbohydrates and vitamins A and D. skin typedry skin, wrinkle prone skin directions for useApply onto the face and...

    Kr 39.00
  • Visibly smooths the hair from the roots all the way to the ends. Prevents hair from tangling and facilitates detangling. Leaves a beautiful aroma, long-lasting softness and glow. Effect visible after first application.

    Kr 32.00
  • Ziaja med Light, moisturising emulsion for teenagers and adults. Enhances skin protective barrier function. Slightly brightens the skin. Reduces sebum secretion. Prevents acne lesions. Provides protection against UV rays. Soothes irritation. Moisturises, softens and protects sensitive skin.

    Kr 69.00
  • Leave-in conditioner spray with ceramides. Deeply rebuilds damaged hair structure. It prevents split ends. Increases hair resistance to damage. Effect: regenerated, stronger hair , easy- to- manage. Active ingredients: Ceramides; Ingredients INCI ( list of ingredients as on 10.2020): Aqua (Water), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Cetrimonium Chloride, Guar...

    Kr 59.00
  • 95% ingredients of natural originskin microbiome protection Gently washes and leaves a pleasant fragrance on the skin.

    Kr 45.00
  • Contains the olive oil, D-panthenol and delicate galenic cleaning agents. Perfectly smoothes out and softens the skin. Intensely moisturises and prevents excessive water loss. Ph balanced, does not disturb the protective epidermis layer. May be used from ages 3 and older.

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