• Preparation for daily hygiene of intimate areas. It combines soft foam with soothing extract of daisy flower , normalizing pH lactic acid and innovative in intimate hygiene, antibacterial usnic acid.

    Kr 41.00
  • The tropical coconut body balm is a moisturising emulsion that contains provitamin B5 that has multifunctional properties such as: soothing, moisturising or regenerating. It absorbs quickly and smooths the epidermis. The aroma left on skin provides the feeling of uniqueness.

    Kr 35.00
  • Light, fragrance-free eye gel soothing skin irritations. Recommended for everyday care of eye area in every age. Moisturizes the skin and prevents dehydration. Reduces hypersensitivity to light. Tones and smooths out the skin. Reduces signs of fatigue.

    Kr 35.00
  • Delicate smell GdanSkin moisturizes and tones the epidermis perfectly refreshes and gives energy leaves an elegant fragrance on the skin perfect for summer days, during and after sunbathing             

    Kr 38.00
  • Cashmere proteins - perfectly smooth the skin leaving it soft and delicate. Form a special protective layer maintaining the natural hydro-lipid balance. Creamy shower soap with cashmere proteins: Softening creamy shower soap with cashmere proteins. Gently cleanses the skin leaving it soft and delicate. Does not dry the epidermis even during frequent...

    Kr 79.00
  • Recommended for normal, fine, delicate and dry hair. Dermatologically and allergy tested Action:Brightens and gives hair a healthy shine.Smoothes hair.Facilitates combing.Protects and moisturizes dry ends. Specification:Effectiveness already after the first application. Lightweight and does not weighing hair down.Is efficient in use. Key ingredients...

    Kr 59.00
  • Description: Stretch Mark Cream from 4th month of pregnancy. Strengthens collagen and elastin fibres and stimulates their synthesis. Improves the cohesion of connective tissue. Enhances skin’s structure and elasticity. Brightens and visibly reduces stretch marks. Effectively prevents the formation of stretch marks.Main ingredients: centella asiatica...

    Kr 110.00
  • GdanSkin face wash oil gently cleanses the skin and removes make-up effectively removes concealing fluids does not affect the lipid barrier of the epidermis leaves a feeling of smooth and moisturized skin

    Kr 49.00

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