• For every skin type after sun exposure or solarium. Prolongs the tan and leaves the skin silky soft. Nourishes and moisturises the skin perfectly. Soothes irritation.

    Kr 58.00
  • Creamy face and body wash gel for sensitive, dry and rough skin. Contains only the essential components of the formulation.0% parabens0% soap0% perfume• Gently cleanses the skin.• Restores skin smoothness and softness.• Prevents excessive epidermis dehydration.• Reduces roughness, dryness and excessive flaking.• Intensely moisturises even during bathing.

    Kr 49.00
  • GdanSkin face wash oil gently cleanses the skin and removes make-up effectively removes concealing fluids does not affect the lipid barrier of the epidermis leaves a feeling of smooth and moisturized skin

    Kr 59.00
  • Thick and sticky formula of liquid honey consistency. Has pleasant, sweet & aromatic fragrance. Rinsable transparent fromula which does not absorb. Easy to apply.  Action:• cleanses, moisturises and smooths the skin• improves skin condition• manuka honey, niacinamide, zinc normalise oily skin Effect:• smoothed skin with no irritation• skin softness...

    Kr 10.00
  • Exclusive serum with concentrated anti-wrinkle activity for day and night care of mature skin 50+.Rich in advanced active ingredients.micro-collagen / genisteinImproves skin density.Effectively strengthens collagen and elastin fibers.Perfectly firms the skin and prevents loss of elasticity.calcium / hyaluronic acid / long-lifting proteinsPrevents skin...

    Kr 65.00
  • ACAI BERRY SHOWER SOAP with body lotion contains natural active ingredients - acai berries and beta glucan. It has the consistency of body balm, it is dense, efficient, foams well and rinses. Has unique aroma, mild action provides a feeling of clean skin.

    Kr 39.00
  • Skin conditioning creamy shower soap with ceramides.Gently cleanses and protects the skin from dehydration.Moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and smooth.Does not disturb skin natural pH balance.Effectively moisturizes.Creates rich, scented foam.Leaves the skin smelling beautiful and fresh. Skin typeall skin types Directions for useApply on the skin,...

    Kr 41.00
  • Light, moisturising-normalising cream for everyday care of oily and combination skin.Deeply purifying active ingredients:antibacterial manuka leaves extractastringent - soothing zinc gluconatenormalising oleanolic acidDeeply moisturising active ingredients:bioavailable hyaluronic acid saltbrown algae Laminaria ochloreucaProtective and corrective active...

    Kr 56.00

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